Sandollar started playing music together in 2006 and today are quickly becoming the premier beach rock band out of Southern California. Influenced by a variety of sounds and genres, their sound features reggae tones, splashes of southern rock, and encapsulates the all-around feel of So Cal living.

The band was born from daily jam sessions in a high school wood-shop class and evolved into a 5-member band that tours all over. Inspired by a variety of elements, Sandollar’s unique sound is guaranteed to chill you out, lift you up, and make you dance! Each band member brings a slightly different flavor to the group, which produces a unique and harmonious vibe.



Band Members:

Dave Basham (Guitar and vocals)

Baron Lunbeck (Lead vocals and keys)

Max Damkoehler (Bass)

Marco Rodrigues (Guitar)

Henry Ortiz (Drums and vocals)